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Disclaimer: Variations in Colour Display on Different Electronic Screens.


The colours displayed on electronic screens may vary from the actual colours of products or images on this website. This discrepancy can occur due to several factors, and we want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of why these variations may occur. 


1. Device Differences: 

Different electronic devices, such as computers, smartphones and tablets, use various display technologies, screen resolutions, and colour profiles. These differences can significantly impact how colours are rendered. 


2. Calibration:

Each screen may be calibrated differently, affecting colour accuracy. Users can often adjust screen settings, making it challenging to maintain a consistent representation of colours across devices.


3. Lighting Conditions:

The ambient lighting in which you view a screen can also influence the perceived colour. Different lighting conditions, including natural sunlight or artificial indoor lighting, can create variations in colour perception. 


4. Browser and operating systems:


Different web browsers and operating systems may interpret and display colours in their unique ways. This can lead to variations in how colours appear when viewing our website.


5. Colour Profiles:


Images on our website may be optimized for specific colour profiles. The colours might not appear as intended on devices that do not support or accurately interpret these profiles. 


6. Aging Screens:


Over time, electronic screens may degrade, leading to a shift in colour accuracy. Older screens may not display colours as vibrantly as newer ones. 


7. User Settings:


Users may have their devices configured with customized colour settings, colour blindness correction, or other accessibility features, further impacting the perception of colours.


8. Image Processing:


Images may be processed for web optimization, which can sometimes lead to slight colour shifts. 


Russ Johnson Photography strives to ensure that the images on our website are as accurate as possible. However, please keep in mind that the inherent limitations of electronic screens mean that the colours you see may not precisely match the actual product or image’s colours. We recommend considering the above factors when viewing our content. 

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