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Welcome to Russ Johnson Photography's online gallery, where moments come to life through the art of the lens. Our portfolio is a testament to the beauty of Landscapes, Wildlife, Cityscapes, and Urban environments.



My journey into Photography began in Wagga Wagga in 2011. I was doing mostly volunteer work for local sporting clubs such as Motorcycle racing and also with the local branch of the St Vincent De-Paul Society who provided opportunities to capture some of the most beautiful images of Refugee’s and families who had settled in Wagga Wagga with the assistance of St Vinnies. 

Russ Johnson Photographer

Some of my fondest memories were spent with people from many different Nations just trying to find a better life. I have had experience in live music photography with a highlight being the ‘Oz Music Awards’ at Sydney Opera House in 2014. I have travelled New Zealand & Australia capturing some of the most stunning scenery and recording artist, Ally Cook. 


Although Portrait & Wedding photography has been a part of my journey, my style now mostly revolves around vintage vehicles,  nature, wildlife and landscape photography as well as my Grandchildren. Capturing elements of the Earth is often difficult but it pushes you to keep looking, to keep exploring and thinking about how to make an image better. Spending one on one quality time with nature and the elements has not only allowed me to find & heal myself, but to grow both professionally and spiritually. To have a greater acceptance, appreciation and gratitude for all life. 


I hope you enjoy my images




Should you wish to obtain a print in an alternate size, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're here to assist you.

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